Frozen Coconut Meat

Frozen Coconut Meat

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Colour: Natural White

Shape: Chunks or Dices

Taste: Slightly sweet and little nutty taste

Brix: 10° min

Packing: 25 Kg/ poly bag

Elvatara sells Frozen Coconut Meat which is processed from selected fresh coconut in a hygienic way.

We supply the frozen coconut meat base on buyer’s specification and supply to the different manufacturers who further processes our frozen coconut meat into a variety of products like coconut paste, coconut jam, coconut butter, coconut concentrate, coconut milk, and other coconut products.

Fresh Coconut Meat is frozen is suitable as food ingredients that use Young Coconut like Smoothies, Own cup of Coconut milk, Yogurt, Desserts, fruit salad, Baking, cooking, variety of coconut chips, Thai curries, restaurants, Ice Creams, Chocolates, Candies and much more.

Coconut meat can hold up to 5-6 months in freezer with temperature -18 degree celsius.

Buy frozen coconut with the best quality coconut only at Elvatara Surabaya.


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