Desiccated Coconut

Desiccated Coconut

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Obtained by drying the granulated bor shredded white meat of the fresh mature coconut kernel

Visual Characteristic : Medium, Granular Cut

Ingredients: Fresh Coconut Meat

Colour: White, free from yellow specks & other discoloration

Flavour: Mild, fresh and sweet characteristics of coconut with no off-flavour or odour

Odour: Typical of desiccated Coconut

Appereance: Free from insect infestation, foreign bodies and metal

Moisture : 3.0% maximum

Total Fat Content : 67% (+/- 5%)

Free Fatty Acid : 0.3% maximum

Sugar : 4%

This dried coconut is obtained by drying grains or slices of white coconut meat from freshly grown coconut seeds.

Dry coconut has the same nutrients as fresh coconut that can help for health problems.But, dry coconut can last longer than fresh coconut.

In addition to health problems, dry coconut can also be utilized as one of the ingredients in baking.

Dried coconut is more nutritious and suitable to be one of the diet foods. Dried coconut is very delicious and add special taste to the cuisine.


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