"Your Reliable Coconut Supplier from Indonesia"

Who We Are ?

Elvatara Indojaya is focused in producing coconut products and its derivatives. We are a trusted coconut supplier that located in Surabaya, East Java-Indonesia. Our mission is “Dedicating the best of Indonesia’s natural resources to the world.”and our values are Quality, Healthy and Natural. We really looking forward to be your trusted partner and will gladly help to fulfill your coconut products demands.

What We Do

We are well known and high credibility coconut suppliers from Indonesia that provides wide range of coconut products types with an affordable price and best quality.

Why Choose Us

Elvatara Indojaya wants to be your trusted and reliable business partner for all your coconut products inquiries. We will be happy to be your business partner and supplier who provide the best quality of coconut products you can get. We are fully committed to our customer, ranging from the provision of clear information about every products that we produce and to ensure that our products are delivered as desired. Quality and best service to our customer is our top priority. So, please do not hesitate to start our business relationship soon.


Carefully taken care by workers

We ensure all of our product are suitable for healthy living


Quality is our best priority

Standarization our production process and machinery to meet the quality and hygiene


Perfectly measured on every product

Every product well measured and through sieving process to ensure our coconut products didn't mix with foreign material and unblend sugar

We Do Our Best to meet Your Expectations

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