Virgin Coconut Oil

Virgin Coconut Oil

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Origin: Extracted from fresh and finest coconut

Ingredients: 100% Pure Coconut

Colour: Cristal Clear

Flavour: Natural Aroma of coconut oil free from off flavour

Texture: Typical physical characteristic of coconut oil

Odour: Specific to Coconut aroma

FFA: 7-9%, 15-20%, &gt22%

Iodine value: 17-23Acid value (mg NaOH/g):15 - 25

Packing: as per customer request

Coconut oil is a stable oil that doesn’t break down easily at high temperatures like other oils do.

It doesn’t go rancid easily and has amazing nutritional properties. It is great for cooking eggs, stir fries, grain free baked goods, and practically any other cooking use.

VCO products can be used as cooking oil or directly consumed as a supplement for various health benefits. Pure coconut oil is also more easily digested by your body so it is good to improve the metabolic system that many get a bad influence of the type of food you eat and also the way of poor processing.

Wait more, buy coconut oil purely with processed coconut option only at Elvatara Surabaya.


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