Coconut Water Concentrate

Coconut Water Concentrate

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Coconut water concentrate is produced from evaporation of 100% natural fresh coconut water

Colour and Appearance: Yellowish to light brown translucent liquid

Flavor and odor: Typical of natural coconut water flavor and aroma when diluted, no off flavor and odor

Taste: Sweet coconut water with salty taste, no off taste

Impurities/ Foreign matter: Absence of impurities and foreign matter

Coconut water concentrate is made from the evaporation of 100% natural fresh coconut water.

Concentrate of young coconut water can also be used as a sweetener for this type of beverage.

This products are good for table coconut water drinks, for party, family outing, catering, restaurants, hotel welcome drinks which is very economical than buying coconut water in can or tetra pack.

Many of the benefits of coconut water concentrate for health such as lowered blood pressure, weight los, increased athletic performance, boosted energy, lowered cholesterol, and etc.


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